Kuchařský lexikon

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Ice - 1. To chill a glass or serving dish so that a coat of frost forms on its surface. 2. Frozen water; water freezes at 32*F (0*C).

Ice Bath - a mixture of ice and water used to chill a food or beverage rapidly.

Icing - a sweet covering or filling such as buttercream or ganache; used for cakes and pastries; also known as frosting.

Indian Pudding - a spicy cornmeal and molasses staple of early American colonists, the pudding varied with each day and according to the condiments available in the cook’s larder.

Infuse - to steep herbs and other flavorings in boiling liquid. Coffee and tea are examples, and so is milk steeped with vanilla bean.

Instant Rice - fully cooked and flash-frozen rice; when rehydrated, it can lack flavor and be gritty; also known as quick-cooking rice.

Iodized Salt - table salt (sodium chloride) containing potassium iodide, a source of the essential nutrient iodine.

Irish Stew - a traditional mutton dish made by boiling well-salted and prepared chops with an equal quantity of onions and potatoes.

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