Kuchařský lexikon

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Jalape?o - a short, tapering chile with thick flesh, a moderately hot, green vegetable flavor and a dark green color (a red version is also available; it is a green chili that has been allowed to ripen); available fresh or canned;named for the Mexican city of Jalapa.

Jam - fresh whole fruit and sugar cooked into a spread that preserves well.

Jambalaya - a Creole dish of ham, shrimp, crayfish and or sausage (usually chaurice) cooked with rice, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and seasonings.

Jack cheese - see Monterey Jack cheese.

Jardiniere - vegetables cut into strips or a soup containing such vegetables.

Jelly - a clear preserve of strained fruit juice with sugar. Jelly of another sort is made by boiling animal or fish bones and tissue.

Jelly Roll - a thin sponge cake spread with jelly or filling and rolled up.

Jerk - a Jamaican preparation method in which meats and poultry are marinated in herbs and spices, then cooked over a pimento (allspice) wood fire; commercial blends of jerk spices are available.

Jeroboam - an oversized bottle, generally holding up to 4 quarts.

Jigger - a liquid measure equal to 1 1/2 fluid ounces.

Johnnycake; Journey Cake - a classic corn bread unique because the meal is water-ground and made from white sweet corn.

Joint - to cut; to cut into pieces at the joint. Also, a British cut of meat for roasting.

Jug - a stew made of game meat, particularly hare - jugged hare. The blood of the animal is used in the stew and it is cooked in a jug or an earthenware pot.

Juice - the liquid released or squeezed from any raw food, whether animal or vegetable, but particularly fruit.

Jujube - the edible fruit of a tropical plant also known as the Chinese date. Also, a chewy gelatin candy.

Julienne - to slice food into very thin shreds or strips.

Junket - milk which has been thickened with rennet, sweetened and is served as dessert. Also, trade name for a flavored dessert mix including rennet.

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